How my time at Salford Business School prepares me for a career in Digital Marketing.

Christopher Eccleston, Liam Fray and Peter Kaye are a sample of people who have undoubtedly succeeded at Salford University. No matter the career path, Salford University appears to prepare individuals for the future by being a platform for success. Constant support, guidance and advice, undoubtedly remains a priceless service. So far, my Digital Marketing journey has begun and I’m loving it.

After countless new experiences in recent years, they have all played a valuable part in adding to my personal repertoire of skills. These experiences are what I like to think have moulded me into the individual I am today. Now, the next piece of my personal puzzle is my time at Salford Business School. It is here that I hope to gain as much from my Digital Marketing Masters program as possible. Like many people before me, I hope that the experiences I have and the skills I learn here at Salford Business School, will aid me in launching a career in Digital Marketing.

The Digital Marketing course started at 100 miles an hour meaning I had to be prepared for each session, by reading up on Chapters so I could keep myself on top. Being prepared and organised is an invaluable attribute that people generally associate with success. It’s like they say, ‘Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail’. Wise words to live by.

An Important Lesson

Being prepared goes a long way, especially when keeping up with the necessary workload. Salford business school has “blessed” me with regular deadlines for individual and group assignments. Spending most days and evenings in the library it didn’t take long for it to dawn on me that this course will be this intense until completion. This is an important lesson for when I eventually take on a career. I am at the point in my Digital Marketing career where what I put into this course is exactly what I am going to get out of it. This understanding of Digital Marketing and the ability to work to complete various deadlines under pressure is a vital component in establishing yourself as a valuable employee at any firm.

Knowing how to use multiple types of software should never be underestimated in terms of building your own personal brand. Salford has helped me develop new skills using a variety of relevant digital marketing software. Google Analytics is just one type of software learned that would be an essential skill when not only digital marketing companies recruit, but also for my own personal repertoire.

It is here at Salford Business School where I have already learned the value of data. Google Analytics makes the analysis of data and trends easier to understand and will help me further down my path in to use this skill to my advantage.

I am hopeful, yet optimistic that these fundamental skills that I have gained so far at Salford Business School will aid my journey to launch a career in digital marketing.

Till next time

Jamie Gouldman


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