SmartFit – The Future of Fitness?

Get Fit the Smart Way

Imagine if you could simply check your phone and instantly know how busy the gym is, or more specifically, which machines were the busiest to the exact time.

Imagine if your membership to the gym was simply a wrist band with all your personal workout plans and preferences programmed within.

Imagine walking up to a gym machine, tapping the sensor with your unique wristband, and in an instant, the machine recognizes your workout preference and sets the machine to the precise resistance you desire. The machines automatically know how many reps you want to do, taking all the counting off your chest, letting your chest focus on the workout at hand. No messing around with equipment, just a highly efficient personalized workout experience.

You no longer have to imagine. The future of fitness is here, introducing SmartFit

The SmartBand, as seen above, is your personal membership with preprogramed workout preferences. All the weight based machines at SmartFit are resistance based, allowing the strength or intensity to be altered the instant you tap the sensor with your SmartBand.

Fitted with a GPS chip, the SmartBand helps to populate a visual feed of the gym online, showing other SmartFanatics the peak gym times as well as the most popular machines, including how long they spend on it.

Just when you think the SmartBand couldn’t get any smarter, it goes and does exactly that. An expectedly popular feature will be that the SmartBand will be NFC enabled, meaning you can make payments with ease at the gym shop or even for generic payments outside of the gym.

Augmented Reality

Until now, we have become accustomed to waiting for machines such as the cardio giant, the treadmill, to become available. Then, when it’s finally our turn, we don’t even enjoy the workout and some people may even feel self-conscious and feel the need to compete with others around us.

SmartFit aim to change the cardio game by adding large curved screens to each treadmill, bike and cross-trainer, covering the peripheral vision of the individual using the machine, transporting them to an augmented reality of their own. This allows them to have a completely unique experience where the screen has the ability to display a number of locations, transporting you to the beach for your morning run before work or even for a pleasant bike ride in the forest.

Perhaps you’re not partial to a session of cardio or weight building and prefer venturing to various classes or sessions. Fear not as SmartFit caters to that too.

SmartFit has specifically designed screens completely surrounding their workout rooms, to imitate a selection of desirable locations. This functions by replacing the standard mirrors that usually surround a workout room with a 360 augmented experience. The rooms will feature a number of settings such as an autumn forest and a sunset covered beach, to name a few.

The complexity of the Augmented Reality rooms allow the instructors to create a motivating or relaxing environment, allowing the room to facilitate a large range of exercises. I for one, love the idea of being transported somewhere during my workout. I feel it would always give you that push you need to succeed during your workout!

Take a look at the short promotional video:

SmartFit could very well be just what the doctor ordered. An efficient way to work out, designed to make our lives easier during a busy day. This promising innovation aims to take exercise to a new undiscovered realm, taking that first leap into the future.

Stretch your arms to the sky, take a deep breath, exhale, the future of fitness is here.
The Future

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